Pacific Fighters

1C:Maddox Games (Proprietary)

Pacific Fighters is a combat flight simulator game that is set during World War II. It is part of the expansion pack of IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles but may also be installed on its own. The game features 74 aircraft and two mission types, called “cooperative campaign” and “dogfights”. Users can play on the side of the Allied or the Axis forces; the mission will dictate the type of aircraft that will be used. There are 74 aircraft and variants in the game.

The game features and highlights include:

• Lessons for beginners. This game allows custom settings and provides users with extensive tutorials. The difficulty level may be adjusted according to the player’s skills.
• Aircraft carriers. The game allows players to take-off from and land on aircraft carriers; in addition, players can also engage enemy carriers in combat.
• Numerous aircraft models to choose from. The list of available World War II fighters and bombers in the game includes the Japanese Zero, the United Kingdom’s Supermarine Seafire, and the A-20 Havoc.
• Battle maps. The game includes maps where the most famous battles were fought, including Singapore, Pearl Harbor, and Okinawa. The detailed visual attributes of the maps include vegetation, movements on a beach, and volumetric clouds.
• Ground attack. Objects on the ground such as tanks and trucks may be targeted, and areas such as airfields may be attacked using parafrag bombs.

The game has a mission editor where players can create their own missions.