Pac-Man World Rally

NAMCO BANDAI Games (Proprietary)

Pac-Man World Rally is one of the kart racing games in the Pac-Man series. It is developed by the company Namco Bandai and was first released in 2006. Players can choose among 15 race tracks and enjoy the multiplayer mode in any of four battle arenas. In the Race mode, the player can select one to four players, and then choose among various race types like Battle, Grand Prix, Quick Race, and Time Trial. There are three difficulty levels in the Circuit mode: Easy, Medium, and Hard. At the beginning of the game, there are two cups that the player can start with, but more cups can be unlocked as s/he wins more races. In Time Trial, the player has to complete a race within a given time limit. In Battle mode, the player has the opportunity to play against the computer and choose among even more options including Binge, Classic, Deathmatch, Free for All, and Last Kart Driving.

Players can check their highest scores at the Hall of Fame as well as the characters that they used in the Circuit and Time Trial modes. Many aspects of the game can be configured manually such as saving and loading the races and adjusting the volume of the music and sound effects. Players can also collect Pac-dots by driving their Pac-mobiles over them. There also are fruit shortcuts, which are marked by pictures of the fruits on the doors.