Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Pac-Man is a video game that is based on the classic game of Pac-Man. The game has an arcade style interface. The main window displays the instructions on how to play the game. Players control Pac-Man in the game. At the start of each level, the player is presented with a maze filled with several dots. The player’s goal is to collect all the dots on the maze. Pac-Man starts at the middle of the maze and he can be controlled by the player by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Aside from collecting the dots on the maze, players must also avoid the different colored ghosts on the screen. If Pac-Man gets in contact with one of the ghosts, the player loses a life and the level must be repeated. The ghosts can be eliminated by eating them. Pac-Man must be the one to eat the ghosts and not the other way around. The maze also has bonuses in the form of fruits, such as cherries and strawberries. Eating these gives the player more points. Other information on the game screen include the number of dots eaten, distance travelled, total play time, and the number of ghosts that Pac-Man has eaten.