Pac-Man: Adventures in Time

Creative Asylum Limited (Proprietary)

Pac-Man: Adventures in Time is an arcade game developed by Creative Asylum and published by Hasbro Interactive. Just like the first Pac-Man game, this one also requires the player to complete each level by controlling Pac-Man as he navigates the maze while gobbling on dots, power pellets, and special food items. The power pellets enable Pac-Man to eat ghosts that are encountered along the way. What’s unique about this game is that it allows players to make Pac-Man jump occasionally to hurdle obstacles and evade hazardous objects. Some of these obstacles include huge rocks, deadly animals, and explosives. To gain extra lives, players can try out the mini-games, which appear after completing a few levels – one extra life costs 50,000 points.

At the beginning of the game, there is a scene featuring the ghosts Clyde and Inky receiving orders from the villain Mollusc. They are instructed to steal a special power pellet called the Artifact, which has prevented Pac-Man from being harmed by evil forces. Unfortunately, Mollusc manages to acquire the pellet and smash it into four fragments. As a result, Pac-Man must retrieve all four pieces by exploring four ghost-filled time periods. When Pac-Man’s time machine conks out, he stumbles upon the future, in which he encounters the Reactor Core. This device is used to reassemble the Artifact and defeat Mollusc.