P-touch Transfer Manager

Brother Industries, Ltd. (Proprietary)

Brother Industries, Ltd. created the P-touch Transfer Manager software as a complimentary feature of the P-touch Editor software. The P-touch Editor is the editing software for Brother's P-touch 2480, a portable label machine used for labeling industrial pipes and machinery, warehouse items, and electrical cables, and other items. It is able to generate any label design with texts, images, pictures, and drawings made from scratch or imported from a file.

This is where the P-touch Transfer Manager comes in: when files are ready for printing on the P-touch 2480, the software keeps the files in the machine's memory. This is particularly useful because users then have the option to print their labels at any time without the need to connect to their computer. In addition, the software can make data backups that can be moved to the printer's internal memory.

Users can easily navigate due to its user-friendly interface, with familiar features such as the Menu and Toolbar that allows for an easy selection of commands. There is also an option to select the printer model. Label templates can also be transferred from the PC to the printer via USB, and extra care must be exercised as so not to lose data: the computer must not be turned off and the network cable must not be disconnected.