OziExplorer 3.95.5q

Des Newman (Proprietary)

OziExplorer is a route-mapping program developed by Des Newman in October 2009. OziExplorer allows users to map out their travel routes in a computer beforehand. Routes mapped through the OziExplorer may later be viewed on a GPS screen.

OziExplorer allows users to map out their routes on screen maps that users may scan from real maps or download from digital sources. Users may then plot routes, waypoints, and tracks on the screen. Afterwards, these may be uploaded to the GPS. Users may also use this for real time tracking. By plugging the GPS to the laptop, users may track where they are on the map in real time. OziExplorer also features automatic tracking over several maps. It automatically loads the most detailed map of the current location. Waypoints and other route information that were previously saved in a GPS may be uploaded to the OziExplorer for editing and saving to a local folder.

OziExplorer also features a moving map mode. It will automatically direct the user during travel. There are several parameters for instructions—Course, Speed, Distance, and Next Waypoint. OziExplorer supports map image formats including JPG, PNG, and BMP. It can also recognize proprietary map formats like BSB, ManTech Terrain, and NV.Digital. It features GPS support for Magellan, Garmin, and MLR GPS, among others. OziExplorer also has Print feature, which allows users to print their maps to any scale. It can also print a Waypoint List, Event List, or Route List.