Oxygen XML Editor 15.1

SyncRO Soft (Shareware)

Oxygen XML Editor is a cross-platform application used for editing Extensible Markup Language or XML files. It runs on Java and is also utilized for debugging XSLT/XQuery codes. This program includes the features of two other Oxygen programs, namely XML Author and XML Developer. This application has an extensive set of programming tools that enable users to do XML editing tasks, as well as the following:

• Collaborate with other authors – this application has a subversion repository client and change tracking tools that allow users to compare and merge solutions with other members of their programming team. This support feature for multiple authors renders author changes using different colors.
• Publish outputs in a variety of formats – users can produce outputs in ePUB, HTML, and PDF format using only a single source. This is made possible by the Configure Transformation Scenario dialog box.
• Interact with major XML databases – Oxygen XML Editor links to a dedicated collection of databases, allowing users to perform XQuery and XPath queries. This application also provides users with access to content management systems and Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning or WebDAV systems.
• Validate XML documents – this application is equipped with validation support and context-sensitive editing tools to help users in making sure that their XML documents are valid.