Oxygen Connection Wizard

Oxygen Software (Freeware)

Oxygen Connection Wizard is a component of the popular Oxygen Forensic Suite. In a nutshell, this program is included in a set of tools from Oxygen software designed to extract and analyze data from cellular phones, PDAs, tablets, even the latest smartphones. This set is designed for the use of people who need to use a forensic application via proprietary low-level protocols.

Generally, this utility can extract essential information from the SIM card and the phone itself. The list of functions that Oxygen Connection Wizard, and the rest of this package are capable of extracting, include:
• Event stored in the calendar (meetings, events, tasks) with date and time stamp
• Video clips, camera photos, and video files
• MMS messages from customized folders
• SMS that have been deleted from the memory
• Backups that are password-protected

That is just some of the features that this utility offers. The user can also get automatic reports and even use suite components for analysis of the data extracted in the process. Oxygen Connection Wizard is an affordable utility that is simple to use. This Device Connection Wizard allows the user to make the connection with any phone conveniently in just a few mouse clicks. It is a logical choice because it is simple to use and even continues to function in unattended mode.