Oxford Pocket

Oxford University Press (Shareware)

Oxford Pocket is a new-generation Oxford dictionary. This application is a re-issue of the Oxford University Press pocket English dictionary, 9th edition. It is a user-friendly utility that features an outstanding coverage of the English language including idiomatic usage. This application contains at least 140,000 words and phrases. It serves as a reliable tool for finding the meaning of English words.

One of the highlights of this application is the feature called Wordbuilder boxes which provide the user with relevant information and thematic tables. The core vocabulary of contemporary international English is offered to users with updated meanings all contained in a very accessible and compact package.

This program utilizes a database that is derived from the New Oxford Dictionary of English. It has an elegant design and easy-to-navigate layout. There are in-text notes that provide grammatical guidance and irregular verbs, nouns, and adjectives are all spelled out completely.  

Oxford Pocket also stands out with its clear layout wherein each section is presented on a new line. Words which may prove difficult to say are equipped with a pronunciation feature. This edition of Oxford Pocket is a tool that has been rewritten and redesigned. Oxford University Press has reworded most of the content of Oxford Pocket to make it one of the most comprehensive references on the English language around today.