Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford University Press (Proprietary)

The Oxford English Dictionary program is a digital copy of the paperback edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. It contains thousands of words and their definitions and is recognized as one of the largest dictionary compilations that the English language has ever seen. Aside from gaining access to terms and their definitions, the digital version also provides its users with access to image archives not to mention quick search buttons. The interface is rather simple and extremely user-friendly. Program users can easily generate reliable searches by entering words or phrases into the search box and hitting the lookup button.

The Oxford University Press released the Oxford English Dictionary application as a means of providing modern day students with access to a highly reliable dictionary that can be manipulated on a mobile device. It is a proprietary piece of software that can be used across platforms. The initial release of the digital copy was in 1988 and has since been developed, redesigned, and improved to meet the needs of today's modern world. Compared to other mainstream dictionaries, this particular brand is known for carrying words that have already been deemed obsolete. This available archive of old jargon makes it more reliable than updated dictionaries.