Oxford Business English Plus CD-ROM

OUP (Proprietary)

Oxford Business English Plus features all the things that one can see in a printed dictionary. However, there are some extra features that make it ideal for advanced users. This electronic dictionary features a simple interface for easier and faster access to information.

The phrases and words in this business dictionary are defined in simple language. The dictionary also includes frequently-used phrases so learners can utilize these properly. For instance, the possible verbs that can be used for the word “account” are “to close/open/hold/have an.” It also includes some special notes so learners can build an expansive vocabulary, learning the difference of words/terms that are usually a subject of confusion and commonly misused.

The Oxford Business English dictionary also comes with diagrams and illustrations that explain business processes and concepts. It has 8 study modules to help learners improve their business writing.  The suite contains all the things in the business dictionary, with additional words and phrases, more pronunciation, examples, exercises, and listening practices.

Oxford Business English Plus has the latest English terms and words, with extra definitions. There is also a Help Guide with pronunciation so learners can listen to the words themselves to properly pronounce and use these. In addition, there is Search feature for learners looking for words used in their particular field of business.