Ovi Files

Nokia (Freeware)

Ovi Files was a service offered by Nokia as part of its Ovi suite of Internet services, which include Ovi Share, Ovi Music Store, and Ovi Mail, to name a few. The software encompasses several versions of an application for Nokia mobile devices and personal computers that run Windows or Mac OS. The program allows users to gain access to a local copy of their files stored in another device or in Nokia's remote servers. Local files that are linked to a user's Ovi Files account can be modified and uploaded to remote servers. Desktop computer users who are subscribed to Nokia's Ovi can use Ovi Files by downloading and installing the Ovi Files Connector

Other features of the service include:

• Access to synchronized files stored in a linked mobile device or computer even when the source device is offline or powered down.
• Ability to play audio files, such as songs and audiobooks, from the user's desktop or portable computer and into the user's mobile phone or tablet.
• Instant update of files on all linked devices whenever they are connected to the Internet.

Documents made from Microsoft Office and saved in Portable Document Format can be viewed using Ovi Files, without the need to use a browser plug-in or third-party document viewer. In addition, desktop files can be viewed on a user's mobile phone by downloading a "mirror copy" of the files from the Internet. The service was discontinued in October 2010, although other more widely used tools from Ovi suite were retained.