Triumph Studios (Proprietary)

Overlord2, developed by Triumph Studios, is a third-person game in the action-adventure genre. In this game, players assume the role of the character called the Overlord, who aims to conquer the land. The Overlord has in his command numerous small creatures with goblin-like features, called “Minions.” With his minions, the Overlord goes on a quest to defeat the Glorious Empire, a Roman-styled military assembly. Along the way the protagonist fights to conquer other smaller civilizations.

At the start of the game, the player will have command over brown minions. As he progresses through the game he or she will be able to take control over other minion types. The minions are of four different types with unique skills that are necessary to overcome the obstacles that come their way. For example, brown minions are especially groomed for fighting, while blue minions have healing powers and can bring back to life the minions who have fallen in battle.

In Overlord2, Players can choose from between the single-player campaign or play in multiplayer mode using a LAN connection or on the Internet. There are two multiplayer modes available: competitive and cooperative. There are two competitive modes, namely Dominate and Pillage. In Dominate, rival Overlords try to capture parts of the player’s map, while in Pillage the players attempt to capture vast portions of treasure found throughout the game map. In cooperative multiplayer mode, players team up to defend themselves from rivals or execute attacks against other players.