Overlord 2

Triumph Studios (Proprietary)

Overlord II is a computer game wherein the player’s character fights alongside minions. The player is an Overlord. His objective is conquering lands. This is made possible with the assistance of his minions, which are small creatures that can be commanded. These creatures are integral to the completion of each level and the progression of the storyline. The minions now have more capabilities compared to the first game in the series.

The player primarily controls the unnamed Overlord. The Overlord commands the minions to travel to other areas and attack towards the eventual defeat of the empires that resist the Overlord’s will. There are various empires in the game. The biggest and most powerful enemy is the Glorious Empire. At the start of the game, the player can only command brown minions. Other minions will become available as the game progresses. There four types of minions. Each has strengths and weaknesses in different situations. There are also minions that can heal other minions and the Overlord himself. The Overlord can also fight, in addition to sending his minions to attack. He can use various equipments and weapons. He can also perform magic spells that can damage enemies.

While the game only has a single-player story mode, a multiplayer mode is also available so the user can play against other players. Multiplayer sessions can either be offline via a local network or online via the game’s servers.