Wolfire Games (Proprietary)

Overgrowth is an action adventure video game announced to be under development on September 2008. It is being developed by Wolfire Games. Overgrowth is set to be a 3-dimentional third person view game that features anthropomorphic fighter animals including rats, dogs, cats, wolves, and even rabbits in a pre-industrial timeline. It is available on single-player mode and cooperative multi-player mode.

The  Overgrowth gameplay features a context-sensitive fighting system of attacks and reversals. This game also features high player mobility and high environment reliance. It starts off from the ending of Wolfire game Lugaru featuring the same protagonist, Turner. The game features a chaotic world of building and structures covered by wild vegetation and wild animals defending themselves with makeshift armors and crude weapons.

This game is based on the Phoenix game engine which features an animation technology for smoother animation blending. The game also features Angelscript scripting system that offers more control, as well as state-of-the-art sound system for the gaming environment. This game come shipped with a Sandbox mode that features an animation editor and level editor, among others. The developers mean to make the game editor free or charged at a minimum. However, the game has not yet been officially released. Nonetheless, users who have pre-ordered the game receive an Alpha test every week since November 2008. These alpha tests contain the latest game features implemented by the developers.