OverDrive Media Console

OverDrive, Inc. (Freeware)

OverDrive Media Console is a comprehensive e-reading and e-listening application. It works with Windows- and Mac-based computers and ebook readers, as well as tablets such as the iPad and smartphones including Blackberry and those running on Android. Aside from having the capability to play and display audiobooks and ebooks, this application also has a built-in browser so users can download files straight from the program without using a separate browser for searching and importing titles. In addition, it also has a Library Finder feature that enables users to locate a local library with a digital collection that may be borrowed. Users may save the location information for future use.

OverDrive Media Console contains a set of customization tools that enables users to modify their reading and listening settings according to their preference. Like most e-reading applications, this program has a bookmark feature. Users can mark out their favorite parts of a book or make a note if they would like to go back to that part some other time. For difficult words, users can consult the application’s built-in dictionary so there is no need for a separate dictionary app. This media console supports EPUB and PDF formats for ebooks and WMA and MP3 file types for audiobooks.