OverCAD PDF TO DWG (Standalone Version) 2014

OverCAD (Proprietary)

OverCAD PDF TO DWG (Standalone Version) is a converter tool developed by OverCAD. The program enables users to convert PDF image files into DWG file format. The program features support for PDF elements including PDF rectangle, lines, round rectangle, and ellipse. The program also recognizes image and text elements contained in a PDF document. It supports line segment and Bezier segments support.

OverCAD PDF TO DWG (Standalone Version) features a grey minimalist graphical user interface. The menu option only presents two choices: File and Help. The left panel is occupied with the developer’s logo. A large window displays the list of PDF files to be converted. This window also shows the conversion status of each file.  

Users may drag and drop the files to be converted directly into the window. Otherwise, users may add files using the Add File button to the right of the window. Users may even add entire folders of files to convert them simultaneously. To remove some or all of the PDF files currently added, users may click on the Remove Select or Remove All buttons. To commence the conversion process, users have to click the Convert button located at the bottom. The program also enables users to configure the output folder path through the input box at the bottom, or by clicking the Select button.