Overball 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Overball is a theme-based strategy PC game developed by WildTangent, Inc.  In this game, players must control a ball and make it roll over flowerbeds in order for the flowers to grow. The player gets to travel from house gardens and beach areas to islands and fortresses. The level of difficulty rises as obstacles, elevators, and the number of enemies increase. Under the game style, the player can choose between ‘Timed’ or ‘Collection’ mode. In a ‘Timed’ mode, a certain time limit is set. The ‘Collection’, on the other hand, is the Arcade mode where different levels are reached.

Overball has the following features:

• Rewards - If the player rolls the ball over 13 patches in a row, a star is collected. These stars can earn the player silver and gold balls at the end of each level.  
• Extra life - An extra ball can also be obtained by collecting life shards.
• Villains – Players must avoid monsters, who trample and destroy the flowers. A monster will also destroy the ball if it gets too close. The player can blow away monsters by bumping the ball into time bombs.
• Different environments - When the flowers have bloomed, they will open new levels where the player can discover other worlds.
• Game assistance - A tutorial is available to guide first-time players.