Outlook Duplicates Remover

Parish of the Holy Spirit, Southsea (Freeware)

Outlook Duplicates Remover identifies and removes duplicate messages from Outlook. This application also identifies and removes duplicate items from the user’s Outlook folders such as identical contacts, tasks, notes and calendar. The software tracks and recognized duplicate messages and other items with the same content and gives the user a list of the identified entries. The user can easily choose and delete the duplicate files from the list that the Outlook Duplicates Remover generated.

The software was developed by Fr. Simon Rundell and Fr. Michael Lewis who both categorized the application as a “prayerware”.  Outlook Duplicates Remover was developed with the premise that each user who downloads this application will give prayers for the priests and the ministry of the Parish of the Holy Spirit, and Angelican church in Southsea UK. This application was also made in hope that the users who find it useful will donate to the church. The users’ donations for every download will also support the church’s missions especially the cause for the youth of Porthsmouth.

This application is also made with a FusionSoft DVD Player which users can access and use for free. The accompanying software is an Open Source program which the users can modify at will.