Outlook Backup Assistant

Priotecs IT GmbH (Proprietary)

Outlook Backup Assistant is an email assistant software developed by Priotecs IT GmbH. The program enables users to backup the contents of their MS Outlook email client. It also allows users to restore the contents of MS Outlook from backed up data. The program is compatible with several versions of MS Outlook including Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2010, up to 2013.

Outlook Backup Assistant offers full backup of all data and contents of MS Outlooks. These data can be emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, and tasks. The program also saves multiple email account contents. It also supports MS Exchange signatures, Exchange accounts, and Program Settings. The program also backs up Windows Address Book entries. Outlook Backup Assistant backs up all the data into one backup file. This backup file can be compressed, verified, and even encrypted. Encryption is optional.

Outlook Backup Assistant features full backup of all MS Outlook data. However, the program also gives users the option to backup only select types of data. It features support for several file formats including OST, BSM, MDF, and other related files. The program also backs up Signatures, Templates, Forms, RSS Feeds, Fax accounts, and Mobile accounts. It also offers back up support for User dictionaries, auto-complete data, email nicknames, and even Firefox bookmarks. As to settings, the program stores Data Transmission settings, Printer and Page Settings, Internet Explorer Favorites, Internet Explorer Settings,  VBA macros, and VBA Projects.