Outlook Attachment Enabler

Veign, LLC (Shareware)

Outlook Attachment Enabler is an application that monitors attachments on emails in Microsoft Outlook. It blocks extensions of attachments that are deemed unsafe for the user to open. The program has a simple user interface for blocking unsafe extensions. The lists may be filtered to display only the safe extensions or only the blocked extensions. Users may also add to the block list by typing an extension on the field and clicking on the “Add” button. Users can also select an extension from the list and click on the “Mark as safe” button to exclude the item from the block list.

When an email arrives on the user’s Outlook email, Outlook Attachment Enabler checks the extension of the attached file. If the attachment is included in the blocked list, the program will prevent the user from opening the attached file.

Other features of the Outlook Attachment Enabler program are the following:

• comes with a list of blocked extensions
• users have complete control over which extensions to block or approve
• easy to use even for novice computer users
• prevents users from opening attachments that may be unsafe
• does not take up a lot of system resources