OtsTurntables Free 1.00.048

Ots Corporation (Freeware)

Ots Turntables Free is an application that enables users to make create creative mixes of their audio files. This application works as a virtual turntable console used in mixing audio, creating playlists, adjusting tempo and pitch, and adding effects. Ots Turntables Free offers various effects similar to an actual vinyl record turntable. These effects include scratches, loops, backwards play, simultaneous play, vinyl crackle, etc. Ots Turntables Free supports different audio formats such as MP3, Ots file format, WAV, and WMV. Users may upload individual tracks saved in folders from their hard drive, or whole albums from audio discs. This application is used by amateur disc jockeys as an alternative to analog turntables in order to mix and play customized playlists using their laptop or notebook computer. In addition to these, uses will enjoy the application’s appearance that looks similar to an actual turntable and mixing console with animated rotating turntables, mixer, volume, and tempo display panels.

Ots Turntables Free features a stylized user interface that has three main parts. The first part is the turntable panel where users may play two tracks simultaneously. This section contains basic audio player controls such as play, stop, pause, back, forward, mute, and volume controls. The next part is the playlist section where users can view and upload songs from their local folders or from audio discs. The third part is the playlist control panel that contains buttons used to toggle play mode, add files, open files, open folders, open CD, and clear, save, and reset playlist.