Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

BigFish Games (Shareware)

Otherworld: Spring of Shadows is a magic-themed hidden object adventure game developed by the company, Boomzap Entertainment and published by Big Fish Games. The plot revolves around the story of a young woman who had just moved to a new home in the countryside. The house is enormous but quite old, and the surroundings are filled with beautiful plants and trees that make the house cozy and relaxing. However, a few strange occurrences take place, which gives the new owner a feeling that something suspicious had previously happened in the house. The woman discovers that an evil spirit called a Shade had abducted the former owners’ daughter and whisked her away to its kingdom. The Shade causes destruction everywhere it passes by turning the season into perpetual winter. It is the player’s job to go on an adventure to the land of Faerie to rescue the girl and stop Shade from accomplishing its mission.

Otherworld: Spring of Shadows features detailed graphics that makes the natural elements breathtaking and the dark creatures truly fearsome. The hidden object games are integrated into the story and there is voice-over work for added entertainment as well. Furthermore, players can enjoy rich musical scores that grows intense toward the story’s climax.