A-DATA (Proprietary)

OStoGO is a recovery program developed by A-DATA and released on November 2009. This program enables users to install an operating system to a system using a USB storage device instead of a DVD media. This allows for USB booting of an operating system instead of the usual DVD booting. This program converts the Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system setup DVD into a file that can be saved on a USB storage device. USB storage devices supported by this program include USB flash drives, solid state drives, or external hard drives with USB connectors. This is largely useful for laptops and netbooks that do not come with optical media drives.

OStoGO graphical user interface features a blue window with a three-step instructional diagram on the left panel. Step 1 involves loading the Windows Vista or 7 DVD. Step 2 involves plugging in the USB storage device. Finally, Step 3 involves clicking the Start button. However, the right panel shows input boxes for the Source drive or the optical drive and the Destination drive or the USB port used.  The Start button is located on the lower right portion, above the Progress bar. Users can also change the default program language using the drop down selector on the lower left portion of the window.  This program also comes with a Help file which is accessible through the Readme button on the lower right portion of the interface.