Osmos 1.6.0

Hemisphere Games, Inc. (Shareware)

Osmos is a game wherein the player takes the role of a single-celled organism with the main goal of colliding with smaller ones to absorb them and escape from larger ones to prevent game over. It requires strategy such as propelling oneself over different courses to escape a number of other motes or running after smaller ones which is done at the expense of expelling mass.

There are different zones in the game including sentient, ambient, and force levels. In sentient level, the player needs to work fast in dodging larger motes and absorbing smaller ones. The player needs to absorb as much smaller motes in order to absorb sufficient mass to face the larger ones. In the ambient level, the player starts in a huge area surrounded by inactive motes with the main objective of being the largest one of them. This level comes with some variations. In the force level, the game offesr a course trajectory tool as the path become more complicated to assist players in saving their mass. Also in this level, other features as Attractor influence other motes. Attactor’s power makes use of gravitation thus the player has to apply some orbital physics concepts to navigate this level.