Orion File Recovery Software 1.09

NCH Software (Freeware)

Orion File Recovery Software is a recovery program that retrieves files that were accidentally deleted from the computer. It supports the recovery of documents, videos, images, and audio files. It can scan the computer’s hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives, and external hard drives. This program has a wizard interface that goes through the recovery process step by step to guide users. Searches can be filtered according to the location, filename, and type of file.

The program’s main user interface allows users to search for lost files. Users can type in a search term on the field or narrow down the search by adding filters. Files found by the program are listed on the main window including the filename, path, size of the file, date when it was created, date of modification, file type, and the recovery potential. Users can right click on a file from the list and click “Recover File” to retrieve it. Users can also scrub locations to delete all the removed files permanently. This can be done for entire locations or just specific files.

Other features of the Orion File Recovery Software include the following:

• support for NTFS and FAT systems
• filtering of results for easier searching
• deep scan feature for extensive searching