Original Data Security Administrator

CANON INC. (Shareware)

Canon Original Data Security Administrator is a utility program that enables users to manage and register their Canon Original Data Security Card. Canon Original Data Security is an add-on feature for Canon’s EOS line of digital cameras. This program protects the user’s ownership of digital images by providing image data encryption and decryption features including an authorized user verification that authenticates image originality. This feature will prevent unauthorized parties from viewing, changing, duplicating, or wrongfully using any image coming from the digital camera itself, or transmitted from another source. Canon Original Data Security works by embedding verification data into the image file allowing users exclusive ownership to their photos.

Canon Original Data Security Administrator provides the following management operations: addition, editing, and deleting unauthorized users or camera devices. This program also allows users to duplicate and backup their Canon Original Data Security (OS) cards to another source such as their computer’s hard drive, an optical disc, a USB flash drive, or another memory card. Canon Original Data Security Administrator can also restore data from the computer and format the user’s Original Data Security Card. In addition, the program allows users to set a password that would decrypt their image files and manage verification information.