Electronic Arts (Bundled)

The Origin is an application used to download PC and mobile games via the Internet. It was developed and released by Electronic Arts and was initially released in June 3, 2011. This application works by creating an Origin account. All the games purchased via the Origin program are automatically attached to the Origin account, which can be downloaded either on a computer or a mobile phone via the Origin Client (formerly known as EA Downloader, EA Download Manager and EA Link). Aside from downloading games, the Origin Client can also be used to download patches, content booster packs and expansion packs from EA.

Downloaded games are available for a minimum of 1 year after the date of purchase. Users are also not limited to the number of times a particular game is to be downloaded. The Origin application also allows the addition of EA games to the Origin account by putting the CD keys from digital or retail copies of the game. However, this feature is limited to games released from 2009 onwards. CD keys that were purchased earlier than 2009 won’t work in Origin.

The Origin application also has some social features including networking with other Origin users (with direct game joining, chat and in-game overlay), profile management, community integration with other networking sites like Xbox Live, Facebook and PlayStation Network, and game library sharing. Along with these features, the Origin software also added auto-patching, achievements & rewards, and cross-platform releases.