Orczz 1

Camel 101 (Shareware)

Orczz is a lateral tower defense game developed by the company, Camel 101. In this game, the player has to defend the kingdom of Whiteleaf from invading orcs, who want to steal the kingdom’s famous honey wine. The player assumes the role of the leader of the Knights of the Order of the Mug, whose job it is to keep the orcs from entering the castle. The campaign is story-based and features 24 units that the player can use to battle the orcs. There are five rows from where the orcs can attack, so the player must make sure that they are eliminated before they reach the threshold.

In order to defend the castle efficiently, the player must choose his/her units, hire soldiers, and manage resources. There is no direct control over the units – the player must simply put down the defenders and let them do the legwork. As the game progresses and the player goes through each level, s/he gets to unlock more capable units. Money can also be earned by clicking in the coins that fall every time an orc is killed. Apart from the leveled campaign mode, players can also try out unlocked mini games. Orczz offers 40 unit types, 6 area varieties, and dozens of achievements.