Orbiter 2010


Orbiter 2 is a space flight simulator program that was first released in 2000. It is developed to simulate realistic spaceflight using accurate Newtonian physics. The program was developed at University College London that caters to space flight simulators and physics-based flight models.

Orbiter 2 allows users to explore and experience the space and solar system. Users can select from different realistic spacecrafts such as the Delta-Glider and Space Shuttle Atlantis. Less experienced users can use fictional space shuttles to allow easier flights in space. Users must conserve the fuel they have during space flights. Users can select between 2D or 3D cockpit views. The complex controls in the cockpit and heads-up display (HUD) enables users to fully control each space shuttle. Users must control each spacecraft starting from ground movement up to interplanetary flights. This includes sub-orbital and orbital flights depending on the amount of fuel used in each flight.

The rich graphics and environment shows the different parts of the solar system. The sun, the eight planets, and their respective moons can be traveled and seen by users. Dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets can also be seen during in-game flights.  Over 100,000 stars can be traveled by the user. The program also has a planetarium mode that displays all stars, planets, and asteroids near the flight path of each user.