Orbital Viewer 1.04

Atomic Orbitals (Freeware)

Orbital Viewer   is a viewer and drawing tool developed by Atomic Orbitals. It was released on March 1998. The program enables users to draw and view orbitals. This is highly useful when visualizing atoms, which are generally so miniscule that they are invisible to the eye. Orbital Viewer allows users to draw atoms with a principal orbital quantum number of n<=30.  Users can also draw molecules composed of 2 or more atoms. This is possible using the Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals function or LCAO. Users may also draw hybrid orbitals.

Orbital Viewer features three rendering types. These are polygon surface plots, point probability plots, and raytracing. Raytracing incorporates both polygon surface plots and point probability plots. The program also supports asymptotes. This enables users to check the locations where probability value is at zero. The program also features translucence option which enables users to make the orbital appearance partially transparent. It also offers Index of refraction functions.  Users can output orbital images into video files or animated image files. Supported file formats include GIF, TIFF, and AVI, for video. The program also supports stereo viewing or 3D viewing. Supported functions include red-blue stereo, stereogram using SIRDS, LCD shutter glasses, overlay, stereoscope, and Chromadepth. The program also enables users to see the interiors of the orbital using the Cutaway function. It also features Lighting options. This allows users to view the orbitals in a variety of lighting setups.