Oracle Workflow Builder

Oracle Corporation (Proprietary)

Oracle Workflow Builder is a development tool designed by Oracle Corporation and released in 1999.  It is a program used in developing and creating workflow processes. It features a Navigator tool capable of defining processes, attributes, functions, notifications, messages, events, and lookup types. These objects can then be used to build a workflow process.

Oracle Workflow Builder’s workflow process diagrams may be of one of two designs—Top-Down design or Bottom-Up design. The Top-Down design involves designing from a higher level with all the activities in a process design sketched out first, before enumerating each activity’s supporting objects. On the other hand, the Bottom-Up design entails specifying the supporting objects for each activity first, before designing a process diagram in a higher level.

Oracle Workflow Builder features a Quick Start Wizard that aids users in creating process definitions for the first time. The wizard offers a process definition template on which to base on. To initiate a process definition, the Quick Start Wizard creates new process item types before prompting the user to supply the information. From this minimum information, the wizard develops a process outline diagram, enabling the user to just supply the activities. The Oracle Workflow Builder automatically sets the version number for each new activity created. Any changes made to an existing activity automatically trigger the program to set another version number to such.