Oracle Wallet Manager

Oracle (Proprietary)

The Oracle Wallet Manager is an application utilized by network security administrators or wallet owners for managing the public key security credentials on their Oracle wallets, clients,, and servers. A wallet is a virtual container that is used for storing authentication and signing credentials, and is password-protected. Among the information it stores are certificates (including trusted certificates required by SSL) and private keys. With this application, security administrators will be able to perform the following tasks:

• Certificate request generation
• Creating and opening wallets in order to gain access to PKI-based services
• Uploading and downloading wallets to and from an LDAP directory
• Exportation of Oracle wallets to third parties
• Saving of credentials to different hardware security modules

One of the key features provided by this application is Wallet Password Management. With this feature, users can ensure that the Password Management Policy guidelines are enforced, such as the required alphanumeric character mix and the maximum password length. The Oracle Wallet Manager also enables users to store more than one Oracle wallet in a single Windows file management system. Aside from this location, Oracle wallets may also be stored in the system registry’s user profile area. This wallet application also provides users with the ability to upload wallets to and from an LDAP-compliant directory.