mogul technology center (Proprietary)

OptoFind is a utility that enables users to publish large Information Retrieval databases on hard disks, DVDs, or CDs. With this application, users can search and retrieve data on multiple databases; search tasks may be performed simultaneously. This allows for faster information retrieval. This utility makes use of moderate system resources (less than eight megabytes of random access memory and four megabytes of hard disk space), so users do not have to modify system settings.

This utility allows users to undertake different search types, such as wildcard and truncated search options, hierarchical and structured searches, and proximity searches, depending on what kind of information is needed. The search outputs can also be set as preferred; these can be exported to dBASE and CSV. Documents and graphics may also be printed directly from the program. Its other features include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Retrieved records may be copied and pasted to other applications; users can copy text from the results and launch a new search
• Addition of plug-ins such as OptoReport and OptoGraph to enable users to generate reports and charts for presentations
• Individual records may contain images and merged into the database; users can also link multimedia files to records
• Saved searches allow users to use these for future use, such as editing and printing
• Customizable interface lets users have control over how they want the layout to look like according to their usage preferences