Optimizer XP


Optimizer XP is a system utility that optimizes the system in order to get the computer’s best performance. The program was developed with novice computer users in mind, making it ideal for just about anyone. The program also has a wizard interface that will take users through the process of optimizing the computer step by step.

The program’s user interface is simple and intuitive. The right side of the interface displays the different tasks that can be done with the application. The application also alerts the user to back up files and the system before making any changes. Doing this enables the user to revert back to the system’s working state if ever something goes wrong during the optimization process. Aside from optimizing the operating system, the application is also capable of enhancing the computer’s graphics. Users can also move all their media files to their respective folders to organize the system.

Here are the other features of the Optimizer XP application:

• Can be used even by novice computer users
• Does not clog up system resources even when running
• Provides complete instructions on how to optimize the computer
• Improves the overall system performance
• Capable of improving the system start up time