Optimizer Pro

PC Utilities Pro (Shareware)

Optimizer Pro is a registry cleaner application that optimizes the computer’s performance. The program scans the system for junk files, invalid shortcuts, threats, privacy risks, and other unwanted and unneeded items in the registry. After scanning, it provides Diagnostic Scan Reports that contain the details for the computer’s state. On the report, there’s also an option to view the technical details of the scan. Users can choose the performance and optimization settings for the program, as well as manage the programs that run upon computer start up.

Removing the unnecessary items from the computer and managing the start-up programs help the computer run better. This prevents web browsers from freezing and applications from crashing. The Registry Error Tracking feature of Optimizer Pro makes sure that the Windows registry is always healthy for maximum computer performance.

The Optimizer Pro application comes with an Instant Backup and Restore feature. This can be used when there are changes made to the registry that led to unwanted results. The system’s state can be restored back to when it was working properly just by the click of a button. Users can set the schedule for running the system can on the settings menu of the application.