Operation Mania

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Operation Mania is a fun game that gives players the chance to play doctor, facilitating patients through admissions, and conducting medical examinations and surgical procedures. The game takes place in the emergency room and players have to diagnose and then treat ailing patients. Operation Mania involves helping Dr. Humorous in treating patients with wacky ailments including “Broken Hearts”, “Butterflies in the Stomach”, and “Bats in the Belfry.” There are also medical mini-games that occur in the operating room where players can demonstrate their steady surgeon’s hands.

Players of Operation Mania can spend the money that they earn in order to upgrade the hospital with more staff and better medical equipment. This game by WildTangent, Inc. features multiple modes, outrageous outfits, wild fictional illnesses and zany medical interventions. This is a game that is meant for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Players who go for the Marathon Mode in Operation Mania have to see to the medical needs of patients. They can also experiment with various upgrade combinations. Meanwhile, players who go for the Story Mode have 35 different levels to complete. They also get to experience all sorts of wackiness in five hospitals located in different places. One of the main challenges for Operation Mania players is to manage not only the patients’ medical illness but to deal with them promptly as well, as patients may grow tired of waiting in the Emergency Room and leave.