Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

Codemasters Software Company Limited (Proprietary)

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is a tactical shooter, first person, military game designed to exhibit current infantry combat in a realistic manner. Game setting is on May 2011, at Skira, a fictional island.

Subsequent to a Global Economic Crises that took place in China, the PLA takes control of Skira with its newly discovered and vast oil reservoir. Chinese and Russian combatants lay claim to the island due to former ownership for both parties.  Russia asks for American help in recovering Skira. Since the United States is obligated by post-Cold War treaty arrangements with the Russians, the world’s two largest armies begin fighting in Skira. Game objective for the player is to fight against enemy soldiers along with allied soldiers and his fireteam. Game challenges involve crashed helicopter crew rescues, PLA-held villages domination, and overthrowing enemies that hold allied soldiers captive. Multiplayer modes include Infiltration and Annihilation. More than seventy weapons with realistic ballistic system support are provided in the game. Weapons include submachine guns, pistols, large bombs and artillery. Fifty various vehicles include boats, tanks, helicopters, APCS, and fighter jets. The higher the game level, the greater the difficulty. Higher game levels also emit player information such as compass direction, squad health, weapons, and ammunition.