Operation 7

Mgame Corporation (Freeware)

Operation7 is a war game that was first released in 2008. In the game, the player can align with the terrorist team or the counter-terrorist team. Players gain experience points and gold by killing opponents. The player levels-up as more points are received. The game allows customization, too. Players can customize weapons, purchase new outerwear, and buy new equipment. Operation7 offers five different game modes. These are:

• Survival – In this game mode, the player must eliminate all the members of the opposing team.
• Head Hunting – In Head Hunting, the goal of the player is to kill the general of the opposing team while protecting the general of his own team. The general can get more health by eliminating members of the other team.
• Hold the Line – This is a capture-the-flag game mode. Players in a team must work together in order to capture the flag of the other team before time runs out.
• Demolition – The player must detonate the bomb before the opposing team does. Another way to win this game mode is to eliminate all the other members of the opposing team before the bomb explodes.
• Deathmatch – In this game mode, players in a team must work together to eliminate an opponent a certain number of times. Enemies re-spawn after 10 seconds.