OpenSong 2.1 RC1

Sean Lickfold (Open Source)

OpenSong is a music program used for managing music sheets, chords, lyrics, and other music files. Users have complete control over the presentation of a song (positioning of verses and chorus), the appearance of the presentation (background color, shadows, font size, and font style), and the song properties (key, tempo, and time signature). The program was designed for projecting music sheets with chords and words from Bible passages. The program can be used for presenting Bible verses, scriptures, and praises.

Features of the OpenSong application include the following:

• customization options for the appearance of the presentation
• supports horizontal scrolling for presenting on a small screen
• support for sets for continuous playback of music sheets
• automatic transposing of chords to different keys
• support for printing song sheets

The program’s interface is simple. There are two tabs on the top portion of the screen – one for Song Mode and the other for Set Mode. The main window is where users can import songs to the program. The left panel shows a list of all the songs loaded into the program, as well as options, such as printing, exporting, and finding. Users can also manage the songs from the left panel.