Portable 3.2.0 (Freeware) Portable is a suite of office applications packaged as a portable app. It is composed of the office suite, which consists of a spreadsheet program, a presentation tool, a word processor, a database program, and a drawing application. This portable application is compatible with other office applications such as Lotus, WordPerfect, and Microsoft Word. As a portable application, it can be saved in storage devices such as thumb drives, taken anywhere, and used on multiple computers. Portable consists of the following programs:
• Draw – this application lets users create simple diagrams to complex illustrations
• Writer – the suite’s word processor which allows users to create text-based documents
• Impress – with this application, users can create multimedia presentations
• Calc – the spreadsheet program that enables users to make calculations, mathematical calculations, and present numerical data using charts
• Base – enables users to create and manage their databases. Users can make and manipulate forms, tables, reports, and queries.

The notable characteristic of this program is its ability to save users memory space. It does not take up a lot of system resources, unlike other office suites. The user interfaces of the programs are similar to other applications, which make them familiar and easy to use. The applications support a variety of document formats that can be read by other applications.