Math 3.4.1 (Freeware)

OpenOffice Math is a program used for editing mathematical problems and equations. The program comes with the Apache OpenOffice office suite. The application has an interface similar to that of Word documents. The menus (File, Edit, View, Format, Tools, Window, and Help) can be accessed from the top portion of the window. The toolbar consists of basic commands, such as open, save, print, send, undo, and redo.

The workspace consists of the equation editor and the elements window. The equation editor is where users can make changes to mathematical equations. It uses a markup language in order to display the equations properly. The elements window shows the different signs and symbols associated with math problems. The interface can be customized, too. Toolbars can be detached, windows can be hidden, and cursors can be enabled or disabled.

OpenOffice Math has provides online tutorials for using the different functions of the program. This can be accessed on the application’s official website. Some of the topics covered in the tutorials include opening and saving formulas, entering mathematical expressions, using functions and symbols, and formatting formulas. The application can be used together with the OpenOffice Writer, too. When working with the two applications, the mathematical equations are displayed as objects on the text document in OpenOffice Writer.