Draw (Freeware)

OpenOffice Draw is a vector graphics editor application developed by Apache OpenOffice. This program is a component of the Apache OpenOffice Suite. It allows users to “draw”. The program features “connectors” between different shapes. These are available in a variety of line styles and are used for building drawings like a flowchart. The program also has features normally found in most desktop publishing software. Users can install Open Clip Art Library, which can be integrated with OpenOffice Draw. This adds functionality and feature to the program by providing a gallery of banners, logos, flags and icons for various drawing projects. The program also supports import and export to SVG format.

OpenOffice Draw provides a maximum page size of 300 cm by 300 cm. It offers Formatting and Styles that can be applied to your graphics project. Users can also manipulate objects by rotating them in 2-3 dimensions. There is also the 3D controller that adds rings, spheres, cubes and other 3D shapes to the projects. The program also features arrangement of objects where users can regroup, group, ungroup and edit objects while they are grouped. Rendering functionality is also available that allows users to create realistic images using lighting effects, texture, perspective, transparency and more. Smart Connectors and Dimension Lines are also featured in this application.