Calc (Freeware) Calc, or commonly known as Apache OpenOffice Calc, is a spreadsheet application developed by It is a component of the Apache OpenOffice suite. It features Advanced DataPilot technology that allows users to pull in raw data then summarize, cross-tabulate and convert them according to the user’s needs. The program also offers Natural Language Formulas enabling users to make formulas through words (e.g. sales – costs). Users can also use the application to automatically insert subtotal or sum function with the use of its Intelligent Sum Button.

OpenOffice Calc features different Styles and Formatting for applying cell-formatting options. This includes backgrounds, templates, borders and more. The application’s templates also offer built-in functions. The program features Scenario Manager that offers “what if” analysis with a single button. Users can also solve optimization problems using the program’s Solver component. Aside from this, it also offers support for multiple users allowing collaborative working. By using Calc, user can share spreadsheet with other users providing them permission to add data to the shared file. The owner of the spreadsheet can then integrated the added data to the original file. Calc also features XML-based formats. This allows users to access or open spreadsheet files from any supported program of OpenDocument.