OpenArena Team (Open Source)

OpenArena is a FPS game developed by the OpenArena Team and released on February 2000. FPS stands for First Person Shooter. The game is heavily-based on another FPS game called Quake III Arena which features a death match-style gameplay. The goal is to score frags by using different sets of weapons.  Each set of weapons are prepared specially for the specific situation. Some weapons include a rocket launcher, railgun, shotgun, and a chaingun.

OpenArena features several gameplay modes. The original game modes include Tournament, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. However, the latter versions include the Elimination, Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag Elimination, and Double Domination. Other gameplay modes are Harvester, Domination, Overload, and One Flag Capture the Flag.

OpenArena features different map packs. Some map packs are as follows: Danger arena, The Crypt, 3013’s Space, The Other Side, Egyptian Trouble, Uphill Battle, Fading Giants, Turtles Forever, and The Sanctuary, among many others. The game features 13 weapon types as well as 51 stock arenas. There are 18 player characters. The characters are the beautiful berserker beauty Angelyss, the human+metal hybrid Arachna, the rocket launcher-toting Ayumi, ex-Marine Beret, the space marine Grism, the diabolical Gargoyle, the reanimated Chinese corpse Kyonshi, and the dinosauroid humanoid called Liz. Other characters include Merman, the Linux-user Penguin, robot experiment Skelebot, and the double agent Tony.