Open Book HVAC Certifications

Mainstream Engineering Corporation (Freeware)

Open Book HVAC Certifications is a testing application developed by Mainstream Engineering Corporation. The program itself is free to download; users pay a fee in taking the examination. This application enables HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) practitioners take HVAC certification tests right at the comfort of their own homes. It is an interactive application that makes testing easier. It offers different tests that will suit every HVAC professional. Examinees can be certified in air conditioning and refrigeration system building, MVAC system, indoor air quality, Green HVAC/R, and other technician tests. All tests are available in one program, allowing users to choose the field where they want to be certified.

Electronic manuals in following the program as well as learning references also come packaged with the software. They are easily accessed within the system and ready for testers’ review. This application also comes pre-installed with interactive learning tools. They make studying simpler and make the HVAC technicalities easier to understand. Prior to taking the actual test, examinees can take the free practice exams that come with the program. The practice texts enable users to have a feel of the exam environment so they can be prepared to take the actual test.  

Open Book HVAC Certifications has an easy to navigate interface that allows users to start learning about their chosen fields immediately.