OPC Quick Client

Kepware (Freeware)

OPC Quick Client is an integrated tool used in the development of KEPServerEX's OPC applications. It is an advanced support system for technical operations of any OPC client program. Through this tool, users can browse and view data including diagnostic reports, user-defined tags, and system files stored in the server application. Furthermore, OP Quick Client allows users to read, write, and edit retrieved data, as well as perform specific and custom test suites on each of them. It is also designed to gauge the system's test performance in relation to the applications' test server functionality. After every testing task, the tool generates comprehensive error reports with detailed feedback and possible diagnostic measures that users can apply.

OPC Quick Client comes with a grouping feature that systematically organizes items based on their common properties and whether or not certain parameters are applicable to these. Moreover, this feature further specifies each item's properties including its name, time bias, update rate, active state, language ID, and data connection type for faster identification and retrieval whenever needed. Users can then manually activate or deactivate any group using the Visual/Operational Changes menu. Once a group has been activated or deactivated all of the files categorized under it will perform the selected option. There are also custom activation settings that users can assign on a per-item basis.