ooVoo LLC (Freeware)

ooVoo is an instant messenger program that was initially released in 2007. The program allows users to communicate with each other through chat windows and voice calls, too. The conference feature allows up to 12 users to join in on the conference, six people on voice calls and six people on video calls. Another feature of the program is the web-based video chat. With this feature, other people who do not have ooVoo accounts can be included in the conversation. The call can be made through instant messaging, e-mail, or through a supported social network.

Recording video messages using the application is possible, too. Up to a minute of video call can be recorded. The video recording can be sent to another person through email or it can also be shared on YouTube.

Other features of the program include the following:
• File sharing of up to 5Mb
• Desktop sharing during a video call
• Facial overlay tools
• High resolution videos
• Mobile group video chats

The ooVoo program has privacy features that allow the user full control of their account. There are options for setting contacts that can message or call, and options for sharing personal information on the ooVoo account. A user’s ooVoo account can be linked on Facebook and YouTube accounts.