OOTP Baseball 13 14

Out of the Park Developments (Shareware)

OOTP Baseball 13 or shorthand for Out of the Park Baseball 13 is a game released by Out of the Park Developments in its annual franchise for the year 2013. The usual features of this storied game include the renowned simulation engine, fantasy leagues, general manager mode, and the ability to manage from the dugout. Despite the game's popularity, it holds no rights or licenses that have any affiliation to Major League Baseball.

OOTP 13 is a slightly altered version that is noticeable through its revamped user interface. It features 2012 major league rosters, simulation mode done in real-time, random historical debuts, revamped pitching models, interactive story lines that create a whole new level of gameplay (difficulties with the star player can be solved through releasing, trading, or ignoring him). The fans will react based on how the whole baseball team is managed.

Gameplay remains the same as with all the other annually revised game editions. It represents minimal graphic representation of the baseball field diamond, while scrolling texts allow the game to unfold and be followed easily. The game also offers HTML reporting. Three major leagues available in the game include Major League Opening Day Rosters, Historical Leagues, and fictional Leagues. Players can even mix and match draftees from different decades for an inter-generational gameplay.