Oolite 1.77

Oolite Org (Open Source)

Oolite is an action-packed first-person, space simulation game about pirate battles, secret missions, bounty hunting, and trade. No objectives and set goals are found in the game. Game scores come in the form of “Elite” ratings and money. Various equipment, missions, trading locations, and career opportunities that are open-ended are found in the gameplay.

The game’s player represents a spacecraft pilot who does interstellar travel to various planetary systems via  ship engine generated  wormholes. Money may be earned from demolishing pirate ships, collecting of bounty, and by buying and  selling of goods from one star system to another. Cargo from destroyed ships and from those equipped with scoops may also be salvaged for money. Ores, asteroids, and other materials may also be ored. Money earned may be used for new equipment, ship maintenance, and wormhole engines. “Elite” ratings are dependent on the amount of kills done and may be reached by destroying ships of any class or type. They may be classified as “harmless”, “mostly harmless”, and “deadly”. Missions in the game require a player to complete specific tasks like destroying a prototype fighter, which has been stolen from the military. Three dimensional and quick graphics and soundtrack are featured into the game.